Area 45

General Service Area 45, Southern New Jersey was formed as part of the first Conference. Elected members of the Panel coordinate their activities in order to serve the area. Our primary purpose is clearly stated for our Districts, Committees and the Assembly as a whole in the Fifth Tradition.

"Each group has but one primary purpose-to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers."

Functional Structure of Area 45 (The upside down triangle)

The Upside-down triangle

Area 45 Panel

Area 45 Committees


Complete alphabetical listing of all towns including district and section

Southern New Jersey Area General Service Assembly
Alcoholics Anonymous

"The Area Committee - perhaps more than any other group of people in A.A. - is responsible for the health of the Conference Structure and, by the same token, for growth and harmony in our beloved Fellowship." A.A. Service Manual - S58 

The General Service Area 45 Committee and Assembly are A.A. Entities whose members represent their respective Groups. In their proceedings and actions they elect the Delegate to the General Service Conference and develop the Southern New Jersey A.A. voice to each other and to A.A. as a whole.

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