The Budget and Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Chair is the representative of the Budget and Finance Committee that will work to carefully construct a two-year budget for Area 45. This individual should form a committee of current and past panel members as well as interested GSR’s. It is important to have representation of different interest within the Area be part of the committee. A budget that a diverse committee can agree upon will better serve the Area than a budget that only represents the interest of some.

The budget process takes about four months (Jan – April) to complete and several meeting should be schedule so that committee members can participate in the process. Duties of the chairperson include organizing and presenting the Budget to the Assembly and continue to advise the Area on financial issues as they arise.  

We must always be mindful that there is a business aspect to our services. We have to pay ‘rent’ for the locations we have our meetings; insurance; telephone services; postage expenses; website; literature and many other goods and service we require to be able to fulfill our primary purpose. We are required to file a tax return with the Internal Revenue Service although we are a non-profit organization. All of this means we must be fiscally and financially responsible.

Financial Support to the GSR, DCM, and Section Leaders:

Current experience indicates that many groups provide financial support for their general service representatives to attend service functions. Many Districts provide financial support for their D.C.M.s to attend service functions. The Districts may support their Section Leader to attend service events. Invariably, this pays off in increased activity, interest and group participation.   


The Area 45 Budget and Finance committee is responsible for the preparation of the Area budget.  The committee includes the Area Chairperson and Treasurer.  The budget is presented in May and voted on at the August meeting.  The budget must enable the new Panel to operate from January to August. The committee chairperson receives input from all committee chairs prior to the preparation of the budget. The Chairperson of this committee is also a member of the Convention Finance committee and assists that sub-committee in the preparation of the Convention budget.


The Budget and Finance Chair has the responsibility of auditing the books of the Area at least three (3) times per year and reporting all findings at the Area committee meeting. If at any time the Area treasury reaches a level of $4,000 then all spending stops and the Budget committee meets to review the treasury.  To assist in maintaining accountability of the Area’s resources each Committee Chair will include in their quarterly report to Assembly, the status of their budget expenditures and the balance. 

Equipment Purchases

The assembly will vote on all Panel or committee Equipment purchases of $300 or more. Incremental purchasing of equipment is not authorized for the Panel or Committees.[“Incremental purchasing” is buying in segments rather than all at once to get around the Assembly vote threshold. For example, the ultimate goal is to have a sound system. So microphones are purchased at one time, speakers the next time, etc. until a whole sound system is purchased.].

‘Emergency purchases’ for repair or replacement of previously approved  equipment that is broken and is needed for an event that will occur before the next Assembly meeting, require the prior approval of the Delegate, Panel Chair, Treasurer, and Budget and Finance.